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Welcome to my "on-line" digital portfolio. Please take a few minutes to inspect my work. A variety of digital techniques, both 2D and 3D, were used to create the illustrations and animations shown here. As you will see, my illustration styles and capabilities are suitable for the advertising, editorial and technical markets. My 3D animation/flying logo work is suited toward VRML/HTML/JAVA web or CDrom content or TV/video production.

My studio is equipped with top-quality hardware for digital painting, photography, scanning, 3d modeling, raytracing, animation and sound. Software includes the latest versions of Photoshop, Painter, TrueSpace, 3DStudio, Premiere and many more.

I can respond creatively to the most difficult challenges and have the highest respect for deadlines. Production-ready files are delivered on Zip, Jazz, Syquest, VideoTape or Cdrom in any format. Illustration previews/sketches/prints are available from a 1440dpi Epson Stylus 800 or via modem, and I can work directly with the service bureaus as required to produce finished prints.

If you are interested in seeing printed samples, purchasing artwork, or discussing an assignment, my telephone number is (215) 947 0642, or you can email me at
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